Novel Capital Raises $115M in Equity and Debt

Revenue-based funding platform Novel Capital emerged from stealth with $115 million in initial equity and debt funding.

Carlos Antequera, CEO of Novel Capital

The Missouri-based fintech enables entrepreneurs to leverage their recurring revenue to access non-dilutive capital.

Entrepreneurs seeking funding submit their business information and connect financial and bank accounts on Novel Capital’s online platform.

The platform then analyzes the company’s key data points to determine the appropriate amount of capital it can receive.

This capital can support businesses between funding rounds, help accelerate growth or alleviate cash flow problems.

Novel Capital offers two revenue-based financing products. One gives companies up to 30% of their expected annual revenue in exchange for a percentage of future monthly revenue. The second allows businesses to access future subscription revenue for an upfront fee.

Novel Capital CEO Carlos Antequera said, “Before I co-founded Novel Capital, I was the CEO of an edtech SaaS company, and like many other entrepreneurs, my company couldn’t attract the capital we needed. needed to accelerate our growth despite our growing customer base. and recurring revenue.

Keith Harrington, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Novel Capital, adds: “Bank debt and venture capital have their place, but the non-dilutive, low-risk nature of our capital is often what best meets the needs of investors. growing businesses that create value. for their investors.

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