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The UFC is the undisputed lord of the MMA ring. So I ask you … why cannot they be a drive for good fairly than for evil? Benevolence fairly than tyranny?

In case you are planning a purple meat cowl on the remuneration of the fighters or an argument over the monoplies, I’m right here to disappoint you. I solely talk about tough points. That’s true. The elephant within the room can not cover from me. Come into the sunshine, Dumbo. Immediately, we’re speaking concerning the entrances to the ring.

As a result of if I’ve to look at one other entry within the ring the place the DMX or techno track from the late 90s hits the sound system because the man walks into the ring with knockoffs of Ed Hardy and his greatest mug from dogface, I’ll FLIP OUT!

I could have exaggerated this. I can not look again. However I miss the outdated showmanship. I miss pleasure. I miss Tito Ortiz at UFC 50. Hell, I miss Barncat McCrory and that thunder metallic he was courting.

Previous-school ring entrances, with their fireworks, metallic catwalks, and lavish soundtracks, persistently delivered goose quills. Yeah, yeah, I do know it sounds loads like professional wrestling. However in case you are utilizing ring entries that can assist you differentiate the 2 issues, then I do not know what I can let you know. Does a hoop entry someway make an MMA battle much less actual?

Even hardcore sorts who insist on insisting that ring entrances are irrelevant as a result of they don’t have any bearing on combating can and nonetheless ought to admit {that a} good ring entry helps a fighter set up their persona ( Wanderlei Silva, Royce Gracie and Jacare Souza in Delight involves thoughts). It additionally cranks up the leisure quantity knob a notch or three, which I final checked was the corporate’s aim.

Strikeforce, owned by Zuffa, does. Delight has made it a science. Why cannot the UFC do it?

If you wish to discuss staging ring entry into present UFC tradition, the Diaz brothers do it fairly nicely, as does Matt Hughes. Tom Lawlor, “Mayhem” Miller and some others are actually proficient showmen, and it exhibits within the thought and energy they put into their walkouts.

However these entries are good nearly regardless of themselves, for the fighter’s charisma carries the entry, not the entry itself or any broader institutional thought or funding.

So how do you reverse the pattern? I do know the place you begin. You begin with Lenne Hardt.

UFC 144 in Japan would have been a good time to convey the exuberant announcer again from the Delight ring, however UFC President Dana White has mentioned he would not need to speak an excessive amount of about Delight. OK superb. Though I am not fairly positive why that will be the case, as there’s probably not a lot competitors between the 2 now that Delight is only a pile of ash in a jar of jelly. empty oil someplace. Why not use the nostalgia to your benefit to win some hearts and minds, and placed on a greater present within the course of?

And even when it isn’t Hardt, you might get somebody to do the identical. You’ll be able to create your individual idea of UFC ring entry. The UFC is actually fairly artistic in different areas. Why is not it within the space that presents its fighters to viewers?

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